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Pat Palmer

Pat joined Connors Wealth Management in January 2011. In her six years with Connors Wealth she has gained a broader knowledge of the financial industry that enables her to give our clients a higher level of quality customer service. The best part of her job is the ability to give clients the answer they need when they need it and the sense of accomplishment it gives her.

As a Customer Service Associate, she has several duties, all of which are important to her. Some of them are opening and maintaining client accounts, keeping proper documentation on file, and supporting all of her Team Members.

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Pat and her husband Greg, have two cats, Pittsburgh and Jersey, and an adopted Maltese dog, Pinkie. They both enjoy going to the beach, short ‘getaways’, and relaxing and playing with the ‘kids’ (pets)!

Getting to know Pat

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese or Greek food

Favorite quote: Don’t sweat the small stuff

Place Pat would most like to visit: San Diego Zoo

Something on Pat’s bucket list: Trip to Australia