Pablo Cuervo Cano

Pablo Cuervo Cano

Investment Research Associate

Pablo’s interests in the financial industry began in his home town of Bogota, Colombia, where he watched his father have a successful career in the financial industry. His father's business prowess inspired him to want to pursue a career in investing. Pablo moved to Melbourne, Florida in 2012 to pursue his degree in finance from Florida Institute of Technology, which he achieved in 2016. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in business.

Pablo has been a part of the Connors Wealth team since 2016, moving from his role as an investment research intern to his current position as an Investment Research Associate.He enjoys helping the people around him to better understand the market.

When he is not in the office tracking complex statistics, Pablo enjoys spending time learning more about business management, world travel, and learning more about other cultures.

Getting to Know Pablo:

Originally From: Bogota, Colombia

Attended College at: Florida Institute of Technology

Degree(s) in: Finance (BS)

Favorite Quote: “Believe in Change, But Make it Happen."

Favorite Food(s): Sushi

Favorite Movie(s): The Great Gatsby

Favorite Book: 100 Anos de Soledad, por Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite Holiday: Fourth of July (which also happens to be his birthday!)

What's on Pablo’s Bucket List: Swimming with great white sharks in South Africa

If Pablo could meet anyone past or present, it would be: Winston Churchill, because he was one of the greatest strategist in history

Pablo would like to visit: Dubai, because it is evidence that with the necessary financial resources and adequate planning, it is possible to turn a desert into paradise.